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100% focused on your health needs

Our Calgary pharmacy understands that taking an active role in your health is important to you. That’s why we are committed to staying informed about the latest health care products, lifestyle modifications and medication treatment options.

Our goal is not only to dispense medication, but to prevent illness through educating our clients about wellness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We believe that medications are only as good as the Calgary pharmacist’s advice you receive with them.


Our Calgary Pharmacy Philosophy

Our Calgary Pharmacists are all dedicated to practising to their full scope of practice. This includes providing immunization, prescribing, consultation and other services. As a compounding pharmacy, we also provide custom, compounded medications, to help provide custom solutions to your care. We are about more than just dispensing your medications, we are here to make sure it is working for you. After all, the most expensive medication is the medication that is not working correctly or even worse, causing problems.